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Geronimo Pole Company

Post Office Box 387
North San Juan, CA 95960
Office Phone – 530-362-4124

Alternate phone – 530-265-2836
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Available in Fir, Pine, Cedar. Occasionally; Oak or Madrone

Call or email for material cost and options. We sell Grades 1, 2 and 3 with various pricings and quality.

We sell hand peeled poles, machine peeled poles and we sell sanded logs as well.
Hand crafted log and poles add significant beauty and ambiance to any project
and such products are priced accordingly.


Base Diameter

Price per Foot

2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


5 inch


6 inch


7 inch


8 inch


Base Diameter

Price per Foot

10 inch


12 inch


14 inch


16 inch


18 inch

Call for pricing

20 inch

Call for pricing

22 - 30 inch

Call for pricing

Above Pricing does not include tax. Or stretch wrapping which is recommended.


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NOTE: All Logs taper. Our usual taper is 1 inch in an 8 to 10 foot run.

Our hand peeled poles and timbers are de-barked by craftsmen, utilizing old world tools such as the drawknife and spud. Such hand peeling brings out the natural and rustic beauty essential to overall authenticity and appeal. These cannot be compared with machined logs.

For the aesthetic connoisseur of fine woods, we offer poles peeled in the traditional Japanese method. This refined and delicate process, which utilizes no metal tools, sloughs the bark off leaving the inner skin or trunk unblemished. Various sizes on hand, custom orders taken, price upon request.

Though centrally located in Northern California Geronimo Pole Co ships nationwide. Locally in state we often receive up to 60% discount because of quantity usage. This results in lower shipping costs for you the buyer. Out-of-state shipments also receive a significant discount.

Our usual method of shipping varies according to quantity ordered and destination. Shipping varies from UPS, common carrier or our own flatbed trucks.