Geronimo Pole Company

Dear Customer,
   We are a family owned business that has been in operation for over 20 years. We are a seller of rustic building materials, hand peeled poles and timbers, builders of fine crafted furniture and log beds, log railing systems and numerous custom products and services. What makes us different from other companies is the extensive selection of our wares and capabilities of creating or obtaining any material or fabricating any product you the customer may need.

We supply finely crafted poles for interior and exterior design. They are smooth to the touch and environmentally safe. We offer a safe and beautiful alternative to toxic, machined and chemically treated poles. To read more about how our trees are harvested and our Earth friendly ethic click here.

Our extensive inventory includes Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Madrone and numerous other species. Their uses vary to the extent of you or your customers imagination. We also carry a large selection of character logs with "catfaces" and burls, very rustic and unique.

While our product line is quite extensive including poles, timbers, log trim, wood slabs, rustic siding etc. we are also involved in the fabrication of custom log structures and furniture.

For the aesthetic connoisseur of fine woods we offer poles peeled in the traditional Japanese method creating what is known as the Tokobashira pole. This refined and delicate process, which utilizes no metal tools, sloughs the bark off leaving the inner skin or trunk unblemished. These make beautiful and elegant house posts and find an excellent use in fine furniture.

Geronimo Pole Co. has an extensive inventory of fireplace mantles of many different styles and sizes. These are customized by our craftsmen to fit any hearth size or design shape.

We are also a supplier of tipi poles and rustic fencing. Some fencing options include Cedar split rail, mortise and tenon or half-log.

Geronimo Pole Co also handcrafts hand hewn square timbers with an adz and also per your request custom fabricates and mills shaped logs of various profiles. Call us direct for any unusual or custom needs.

Our products have been used in simple homes to hollywood movies, in log cabins to wildlife parks and zoos, from small American Indian tipis to large commercial projects like Disneyland.